“Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. If it doesn't, it is of no use.” ~Carlos Castaneda

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ode to the intern ...

(I'm no poet, just feeling bit little silly)

It is the beginning of July and the hospital is a scurry.
They all walk in such a hurry.

With their clean new badges, and long white coats;
they come with plans of how to complete all their notes.

The nurses all worry about interns running amok;
and raise questions about when to have the next pot luck.

The residents all glow with their present new positions,
ready to send their team on exciting new missions.

The chiefs set the rules and seem quite nervous;
showing them how to keep the patients off their service.

The rules of engagement are what they explain;
because a sense of order they must maintain.

So to the all new interns, you will see
as you walk through the hospital with your new MD
your training hasn't ended, it has only just begun.
In the next year, you will have a lot of fun.
There will be ups and down, highs and lows
and hopefully you can keep coffee off of your clothes.

So I wish you all good luck on your present quest,
and now please go home and get lots of rest.

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